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Your All-in-One Catering Suite


Learn how our clients are generating $500+ catering check averages, leveraging the same system as their everyday orders with built-in B2B corporate catering account management features.

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Management Features

House Accounts
Tap into dynamic invoices, statements, and reporting, plus built-in characteristics like discounts and tax-exempt status.

Unlock the ability to work with schools, churches, hospitals, and other tax-free organizations without the complicated paperwork.

Enter Orders Backend

Offer a white-glove experience by building orders on the customers' behalf and sending order quotes.

Smooth Ordering Experience

Leverage custom menus, branding, and streamlined UI. Deliver a best-in-class ordering experience for your customers.

Catering Loyalty
Employ catering-only loyalty programs or shared loyalty with your app and web ordering.
All Channels, One System

Tap into POS-integrated order catering through the same experience as your mobile and web channels, converting takeaway guests to catering.

Marketing CRM

Run automated customer re-engagement, abandoned cart, favorite products or packages, and more with real-time catering guest data.

Automated Prep Sheets

Auto-generate custom, detailed kitchen prep sheets minimizing waste and insuring accuracy across every order.

Test Drive Catering

An exclusive limited-time offer for operators to tap into the same
platform that generates $500+ check averages for our catering clients.

Catering Pricing
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Q: When do payments for catering orders go through?
A: The credit card used to place a catering order is charged once the order is accepted by the restaurant via the POS.
Q: What is a House Account?

A: House accounts allow guests to have an account with a restaurant that functions like a credit card, where a limit and balance is established. This allows restaurant partners to extend credit to loyal customers right in our dashboard.

Q: Can I send bills to a House Account?

A: Yes, once it is set up the House Account payment option shows up at check out. You can record payments and adjustments against the House Account.

Q: Can I mark orders placed by non-profit organizations as tax exempt?

A: Yes, a guest can be marked as tax exempt. Orders may be marked as tax exempt through the Lunchbox Call Center.

Q: Can my guests use loyalty on their catering orders?

A: Guests can use offer based loyalty and discounts on catering orders.

Q: Can I set menus/hours for specific special days, like holiday - hours?

A: Yes, you can set up time slots, schedules, and menus for specific holidays or times.

Q: What kind of reporting is available?

A: We have a vast amount of reporting including orders (by region, source, customer, and time frame), discount / loyalty sales, catering orders, transferred orders, account balances, customer list, menu hours, production sheet, order items, discount sales, locations, open invoices, and menu hours.

Q: Can guests place catering orders directly on my website?

A: Yes, there will be an “order” and/or “catering” button on your site that will direct guests to your menu to place an order.

Q: Can I reassign a delivery order from one location to another?

A: Yes, restaurants can choose which location will fulfill a catering delivery order with or without confirming with the guest. The restaurant partner can also see how busy each brand/franchise is in the ‘Order Dashboard’ menu section of the ‘Call Center.’

Q: Can I customize delivery radiuses and give each radius a specific fee?

A: Yes! Under the "Delivery" section of the admin environment of the dashboard you can set up "rules" for different delivery fee charges for different radiuses.

Q: Are there thresholds for catering orders?

A: Restaurant partners can set order throttling rules to establish what maximum/minimum scale of orders they’d like to accept, as well as minimum order value amounts for catering orders.

Q: What are production sheets?
A: A production sheet is printed on the day of the catering order fulfillment that describes all the necessary menu items needed for said order. For example, if a catering order is listed as “Taco Tray” on the menu, a prep sheet will say the details of the Taco Tray. Ex: 1 Taco Tray: lettuce, tomato, cheese, guacamole, chips, and seven servings of chicken. This allows your kitchen to know what to pack with the order.
Q: Can I configure a production sheet?

A: Yes, restaurants can define exactly what they want to appear on their sheet when a guest orders a specific catering item. This way the kitchen knows exactly what to prepare.

Q: Is it possible to enable tips on catering delivery only and not on pick up or any other service type?

A: Yes, tips are configurable by service type. Each service type can have tips enabled/disabled, along with different tip percentage suggestions. Standard tip options are 10, 15, and 20%. Tip percentage suggestion ensures whatever the restaurant enters is auto-selected for the guest at checkout.

Q: Is Lunchbox Catering ADA compliant?

A. Yes.


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